Salt Marshes

Endangered Ecological Community of Coastal Saltmarsh

Coastal Saltmarsh occurs in the intertidal zone on the shores of estuaries and lagoons that are permanently or intermittently open to the sea. It is frequently found as a zone on the landward side of mangrove stands.

Occasionally mangroves are scattered through the saltmarsh. Tall reeds may also occur, as well as salt pans.

Species composition varies with elevation and latitude, with Saltmarshs in southern NSW being generally more species-rich than further north.



  • Infilling for development along with modification of tidal flows as a consequence of artificial structures being erected.
  • Alteration of salinity and increasing nutrient levels resulting from the discharge of stormwater into saltmarshs.
  • Weed invasion, particularly by Juncus acutus.
  • Physical damage from human disturbance, domestic and feral animals.
  • Dumping of rubbish and pollution from oil or chemical spills from shipping or road accidents;
    • catchment runoff of nutrients and
    • agricultural chemicals.